Research & Innovation Driven

Promen and Prowomen are brands that are committed to the vision of developinginnovative grooming and wellness products to satisfy the unmet needs of the modern day customers. With extensive ongoing effort put in over the last several years, including market research, product research and clinical trials we now have a rich basket of products, most of which are first of their kind in the country/world.


The products are developed to resolve an identified ‘pain point’ of the customer, such as Lip Lighteners for Smoker Men and Women to tackle the nicotine stains on the lips, Dry Shampoo for Turbaned hair which allows quick mid-week waterless cleansing of turbaned hair, Elbow-Knee-Knuckle whitening formula, Toilet Seat Sanitiser for women on the go, and the list goes on! 


The brand ethos itself ensures that the products are high on Quality, Reliability and Efficacy.


Feeling good in your skin is essential for personal well-being; and this doesn't just apply to women, but men too.

We, through extensive social and scientific research and a keen eye on the market developments, identifythe emerging needs for personal care products and then develop them with a difference!

Tailored formulations and carefully selected ingredients provide end products with cosmetic and therapeutic benefits to satisfy the felt and, at times, even the as yet unfelt needs!

There is a sea change in one’sattitudes towards grooming. Customers are now looking for multiple benefits, multi-functional products. Regardless of the product purchased –consumers want a combination of different benefits in a single product, thus a heightened need for high level of performance and convenience. Products that offer additional functional properties such as whitening, anti-ageing or sun protection are particularly needed.

This in-depth understanding of the consumerneeds is the hallmark of PROMEN / PROWOMEN design. OurDevelopment Labs have used technology driven innovation to provide cutting edge grooming and wellness solutions with each successive product to deliver multiple benefits to you.

The focus of our research is to cure and treat rather than paint or cover up. An example of this are our Lip Lighteners which are un-tinted. They do not make your lips APPEAR lighter but actually treat the darkness causing factors and MAKE the lips light. So you are happy and confident at all times and not just when you have applied the product. The product packs a multi-pronged punch by providing a high level of moisturisation, protection and SPF too!  The same philosophy is in our DNA and the research basis of all our products.