About Us

On buying Promen, Prowomen or Fervour, you are buying more than a product. You are buying part of a 100 year old legacy. These products come from a century old group with diversified interests in FMCG, Healthcare, Engineering and Social Work.

High ethical standards, intense research and delivering high quality are the foundation of the group.

PhD, Doctors and other well qualified personnel team together in our organisation to first understand both your overt and hidden needs and then explore the frontiers of science to create path-breaking products for you. Products that perform and not ‘promise to perform’. We push the limits of technology; you need results, we use Glutathione and not just Vitamin C; you need safety, we add Arbutin and not Hydroquinone; you want value for money, we give you gas-free-aerosols; you love hygiene and hate wastage, we redefine packaging offering stainless steel roller ball tubes, you need advice, our experts are standing by eager to help!

‘Customer joy’ is our simple two word ambition.


Research & Innovation

As a company we are committed to creating innovative grooming, wellness and hygiene products that bring a smile of satisfaction to our customers faces. Highly qualified multi-disciplinary teams including doctors, engineers, PhDs, clinical researchers and others strive relentlessly in the labs to bring you unprecedented solutions.

As scientists the guiding principle of our research effort is find a scientific ‘cure’ and not ‘make up’. We will ‘treat’ rather than paint or cover up.

An example of this are our Lip Lighteners which are un-tinted. They do not make your lips APPEAR lighter but actually treat the darkness causing factors and MAKE the lips light. So you are happy and confident at all times and not just when you have applied the product. The product packs a multi-pronged punch by providing a high level of moisturisation, protection and SPF too!  The same philosophy is in our DNA and the research basis of all our products.

The products are developed to resolve an identified ‘pain point’ of the customer, such as Lip Lighteners for Smoker Men and Women to tackle the nicotine stains on the lips, Dry Shampoo for Turbaned hair which allows quick mid-week waterless cleansing of turbaned hair, Elbow-Knee-Knuckle whitening formula, UTI preventing Toilet Seat Sanitiser for women on the go, and the list goes on! 

Our research goes beyond product formulation.

Our Lip Lighteners come in a very exclusive stainless steel roller ball tube that you just glide on your lips. Perfect hygiene and zero wastage.

Our Santisers come in a ‘gas free’ aerosol that not help the environment but also give you more product and hence higher value for money.

The ingredient and its source selection are a tedious activity. Our specialists will refuse to use anything that could harm you such as Hydroquinone, Parabens, Sulfates and instead pick the finest from across the world like a connoisseur and blend them to serve you the masterpiece you deserve.  

 The brand ethos itself ensures that the products are high on Quality, Reliability and Efficacy.