PROWOMEN Lip-Lightener And Non-Tinted Lipstick Undercoat Review

PROWOMEN Lip-Lightener And Non-Tinted Lipstick Undercoat Review

Smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman's body

Smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman's body. Beautiful lips help to gain instant attention and leave everyone in awe. Women are more conscious about their facial features and complexion, but the problem of dark lips is very common.

Everyone women wants kissably soft lips, which are fuller, plumpier and more defined with a lovely 'natural' lip tone. We at Prowomen understand this need of women, and have created a special highly innovative product: Prowomen Lip Lightner & Non - Tinted Protective Lipstick Undercoat. It efficiently tackles the problem of dark lips caused due to frequent smoking, coffee/tea intake, weather or licking of lips. Smoking can leave your perfect pout with nicotine/taboo marks which can be lightened with the help of the revolutionary Prowomen lip lightener in 4 weeks.

Lighten pigmentation caused by smoking and preventing further darkening

The primary purpose of lip lightener is to provide an occlusive layer on the lip surface to seal moisture and protect them from external exposure. The Lip undercoat glides on smoothly using an innovative roller applicator which ensures an hygienic even coat. Another fascinating thing about this lip lightener is that it lasts longer giving more than 600 applications, so it's easy on the pocket and a keeper. 

A non tinted, coffee flavour that moisturizes dry and cracked lips

Experience a lip-renewing feeling with its pleasant coffee flavor, which gives a truly refreshing experience along with a deep moisturization for a day long lip protection. It provides a protective layer on the lip surface that acts like a 'primer' before application of any lipstick/ lip color thereby protecting the lips from any unfavorable effect of the chemicals in the lip color. Just like a primer to paint Prowomen Lip Lightener provides a base on which your expensive lipstick looks better, lasts longer and is consumed less.

Use before lipstick to form a protective coat on lips

Go ahead and dress your lip with the luxurious glossy hue of the Prowomen lip lightener. Define that beautiful smile with our instant lip reviver.

A subtle nude

Get that most polished, perfect pout you always desired of. Exuberate your confidence like an iconic beauty with the most beautiful lips

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