On buying Promen, Prowomen or Fervour, you are buying more than a product. You are buying part of a 100 year old legacy. These products come from a century old group with diversified interests in FMCG, Healthcare, Engineering and Social Work.

High ethical standards, intense research and delivering high quality are the foundation of the group.

PhD, Doctors and other well qualified personnel team together in our organisation to first understand both your overt and hidden needs and then explore the frontiers of science to create path-breaking products for you. Products that perform and not ‘promise to perform’. We push the limits of technology; you need results, we use Glutathione and not just Vitamin C; you need safety, we add Arbutin and not Hydroquinone; you want value for money, we give you gas-free-aerosols; you love hygiene and hate wastage, we redefine packaging offering stainless steel roller ball tubes, you need advice, our experts are standing by eager to help!

‘Customer joy’ is our simple two word ambition.