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Baby Potty Seat Sanitizer for Hygiene and Safety of The Kids, 100ml

Baby Potty Seat Sanitizer for Hygiene and Safety of The Kids, 100ml

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Every parent struggles with an approach to clean the potty chair after each use. They have to worry about the cleanliness of their loved ones potty chairs while the little one is learning to use it. There may be the occasional smear of poop somewhere, too. But, with a bunch of Ps -- proper procedure, preparation and perseverance -- you can keep the little ones potty chair free of germs. Potty chairs can be a breeding ground of germs. It is important to protect the child from potty chair usage acquired infections. Post usage, these are washed and often stored in the toilets. They become a house for growth of bacteria and viruses. This puts your child to a house of infections . Spray down POTTYPEE SANITIZER from a distance of 3 inches on the entire potty chair, the potty seat or the toilet seat before your child has bowel movements. It is formulated to be effective against bacteria and viruses generally found in potty chairs such as Clostridium Difficle, MRSA, MDR, Salmonella Typhii and VRE. Once done, wash the potty chair thoroughly with soap water and spray the sanitizer again to make it available for the next use. Also spray anywhere else you see or think there may have been fecal matter.

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