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Lipstick Undercoat Prowomen Lip Lightener for Smokers 10 gms

Lipstick Undercoat Prowomen Lip Lightener for Smokers 10 gms

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Prowomen Lip Lightener for Smokers 10 grams with SPF 15 - Beautiful lips are among the first to get noticed and today's woman needs to take extra care of her lips. The primary purpose of this lip lightener is to lighten lip darkening helping restore your lovely 'natural' lip tone. First of its kind product in India to lighten nicotine/ tobacco stained lips, you get visible results within 4-6 weeks of regular application. Its unique stainless steel roller ball applicator ensures that hygiene is maintained, there is no wastage and you get more than 600 applications thereby making it extremely inexpensive! If you are a Lipstick user then, this revolutionary product provides a protective layer on the lip surface that acts like a 'primer' before application of any lipstick/ lip colour thereby protecting the lips from any unfavourable effect of the chemicals in the lip colour aside from smoking. Just like a primer to paint, Prowomen Lip Lightener for Smokers provides a base on which your expensive lipstick looks better, lasts longer and is consumed less. This multiaction formula: • Lightens dark pigmented lips • Lightens Nicotine/Tobacco stains • Provides protective shield (applied before you smoke) • Prevents further darkening of lips • Removes/peels dead skin cells • Gives additional confidence by retrieving natural lip color • Coffee flavoured • Works as a lipstick undercoat • Fortified with SPF 15 it protects your lips from the harmful effects of sunrays and environmental pollution. • Provides extreme moisturization without greasy feel while healing dry chapped lips • Seals lip moisture and makes your lips deliciously soft and supple • Dermatologically tested, hence proven to be safe How to use: Lightly apply to clean lips 2-3 times/day or as often as you smoke. Continued use will ensure consistent favorable results.

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