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Prowomen Dry Shampoo

Prowomen Dry Shampoo

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Many Dermatologists and Hairstylist supports, that washing your hair too much can strip away healthy oils and lead to dry, damaged locks. So what’s a women to do when her sexy, lived-in hair has turned up limped and lifeless? We are having an instant solution that not only soaks up excess oil & cleanses your hair but also leaves you smelling fresh in seconds. So be it is an unplanned meeting or a date look instantly beautiful with our waterfree cleansing and above all always carry a renewed confidence Bullet Points: 1. Prowomen Dry Shampoo is a product that can help stretch the time between washes. 2. It is especially meant for those who want instant voluminous bouncy hair and water free cleansing at a go. 3. Soaks up excess oil & cleanse your hair but also leaves you smelling fresh in seconds 4. No more Bad Hair Days

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